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We sure do love our employees!!

We know that each and every one of our employees are the backbone of what sets Agassiz apart. With all of this in mind, we strive monthly to make sure that they know how much we appreciate them so we started our Employee Recognition Program which we wanted to share a little bit about here.

Every Thursday we have Safety Meetings and a couple of years ago we turned our last one of every month into our Employee Recognition Day. At these meetings, we pick up breakfast food (burritos from The Place, Chick-fil-a Breakfast, Donuts and Coffee, etc.) for everyone to enjoy together. Then we share all of the people who have been name-dropped in reviews or post job surveys and we choose an Employee of the Month from each division. We want to celebrate each and every person who has gone out of their way to help Agassiz create and maintain beautiful outdoor living spaces.

We started our Employee Recognition program a couple of years ago and feel that it has given us a fun way to celebrate all the men and women that are helping us be one of the best landscape companies in Flagstaff. it has truly helped our employee morale and retention.

So we need your help this season so that we can continue to do this every month: If you ever have a wonderful experience while working with Agassiz we would love to hear about it so that we can thank each and every person that helped to make it happen. Give us a call, leave a review, or fill out a post-job survey to let us know how we did and if anyone stood out!


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