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Paver Patios

Patios are the centerpiece of outdoor living spaces. Constructed of concrete, flagstone, or pavers, these leveled surfaces give us a place to dine, barbecue, sun bathe, and relax―enjoying our space. Patios also control dust and mud, keeping our houses cleaner and providing a "civilized" place within our landscape. One could write an essay on the positive effects of patios on American Culture, but what would be the point?!  We all either have one or want one.


Agassiz Landscape Group can install paver or flagstone patios for our clientele, as well as hire or recommend a reputable concrete installer for our designs. Although our flagstone work is unmatched for quality in northern Arizona, we truly recommend pavers for our clients.  Properly-installed pavers are certainly the best material for outdoor patios. Their longevity is decades ahead of concrete and incomparable to soft flagstone. With a wide variety of colors and patterns, pavers are certain to fit with any genre of landscape.


Additionally, we have three certified paver installers on-staff and are an Authorized Contractor for Belgard pavers and retaining walls. Agassiz Landscape Group will install your paver patio, driveway, walkway, or retaining wall using industry standards and stand by our work for two full years. As a partner with Belgard, we can also offer interest-free financing for one year to qualifying customers (30% of the total project cost must be from Belgard products).  Ask us how to apply today!

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