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Our 2021 Reflection and Predictions for 2022

Our 2021 Reflections

In 2021 the demand for landscaping was off the charts! With it being the second year of the COVID-19 Pandemic many homeowners were still spending more time in their homes and seeking more opportunities to enjoy their outdoor spaces as a result. This increased demand paired with supply chain issues did cause some challenges and our customers at times had to be patient. But in all of that, we continued to serve this community with integrity and provide services with the highest level of quality.

Last year we noticed that more homeowners were willing to approve larger scale projects that they had put off in the past such as larger patio spaces, artificial turf, firepits, lighting, etc. We think that this is a reflection of the changing perspective many homeowners have on how they want to be able to use their yards. Now more than ever before homeowners are being drawn outside and in that, we have loved being able to help them create a space that reflects who they are and how they want to use their outdoor space.

From an internal lens, we also feel incredibly blessed to have had more employee retention in the last year than ever before which has allowed us to train more people in how to install and maintain landscaping in the Flagstaff area. Our teams work really well together and are able to create some really beautiful and unique landscapes.


Looking Forward to the Coming Year

We are still meeting with homeowners consistently and already have many approved projects for the coming months. In addition, it seems that the pandemic seems to be sticking around which we anticipate will continue some of the trends we noticed over the last year. With that, we are so excited to work with each of our clients to ensure that we create a thoughtful and functional space for them to use and enjoy year-round.

Specific trends we think will continue to be popular in 2022:

1. Outdoor living spaces such as paver patios, firepits, and artificial turf

Many homeowners call us with desires to expand or create spaces that they can easily spend time in especially during the beautiful summer months that we are lucky enough to enjoy in Northern Arizona. These types of spaces are very versatile and really create a space that any homeowner can make their own.

Example: Paver Patio designed specifically for a homeowner to use their beloved telescopes in our Dark Sky City

2. Outdoor kitchens

Spaces to be able to prepare and enjoy food outside are often sought after as they allow homeowners to spend as much time as possible outside and they can be used year-round. There are many options when it comes to outdoor kitchens which allows for so much personalization and customization.

Example: Outdoor bar custom designed and crafted

3. Easy to Maintain Landscape Designs/ Xeriscape Designs

We are getting many requests for easy to maintain or xeriscape type designs for landscaping. Many homeowners love the idea of having an outdoor space that they want to spend time in but that does not require much to maintain. This is a huge reason why artificial turf is so popular right now as it is beautiful and pretty low maintenance. These types of landscape designs also typically require less water and tend to be very popular as a result.

Example: Artificial turf paired with gravel and minimal planting creates a very clean look that is easy to maintain

4. Outdoor Lighting

Why let the fun end when the sun goes down? Many homeowners are requesting lighting to be added to their designs. Like many other design choices, this allows our clients to have the maximum time to use and love their outdoor space. There are many options like path lighting or string lights that can add to a space when the sun goes down.

Example: These path lights create an easy to traverse space


With all this, we are already booked well into the spring and early summer and anticipate that we will be looking at similar timelines as the past year so if you or someone you know is interested in getting some landscape work done this year we highly suggest calling your landscape provider in the next couple months to ensure their timelines can accommodate your requests.


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