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The In’s and Out’s on What we Offer for Landscape Maintenance Plans

Our Landscape Maintenance Division offers both residential and commercial service plans customized entirely to each customer’s needs. We work with each client to map out the areas that they would like serviced, as well as, help to create a plan that will ensure their landscape is looking at its best throughout the year. Specific areas that we pay attention to when we are creating a comprehensive maintenance plan are:

  • Does the landscape have gravel areas that may need herbicide to help mitigate weed growth?

  • Are there grass areas that could need fertilization throughout the growing season?

  • Is there irrigation that will need to be winterized each fall and recharged in the spring?

  • How often should we service throughout the month to ensure weeds, pine needles, or leaves don’t pile up?

  • Is there anything unique about this property that we will need to pay attention to throughout the contract?

So if you’re unsure what all your landscaping needs in order to look it’s best or you don’t have time to do it yourself we would be happy to help! To get on our regular contracted rotation is simple – just give us a call today and we will get an estimate created for you and if the price per month looks good we will add you to the list and start service as soon as you need it. We look forward to working with you!


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