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Master Plans

The value of a drafted Landscape Concept or Design is rarely understood by the majority of homeowners shopping for a landscaper. At times, some believe it to be another added expense used to add a little more money to the bill. However, a quality design which demonstrates accurate material quantities and sizes, as well as irrigation specifications, can greatly aid the homeowner in their search for the right landscape professional to do the job. It also helps reduce errors of oversight by the client or contractor and assures both parties are aware of the entire scope of work. Thus, a comprehensive plan will certain reduce, if not eliminate, costly change orders.


The design process is, likewise, an inexpensive means to brainstorm and explore the many options a homeowner may be considering. Questions such as travel corridors throughout the living space, sizes and shapes of patios, gardens, and turf can all be analyzed and answered before crews begin work. Many projects are simply not feasible to be done at one time due to financial or time constraints. Here again, a design can more thoroughly break a total concept into the necessary phases. This assures prior steps required for the long-term project are in place prior to their future need. An example of this is a sleeve placed under a sidewalk this year for a lighting plan to be implemented in two years.


Agassiz Landscape Group is committed to the benefits a comprehensive design brings to our clientele. We have two excellent designers and have installed many of their designs, thus producing confidence in the products, plant material, and techniques they incorporate. This same confidence allows the deserved courage to stretch creative limits and continue to provide our clientele with distinctive ideas.


Whatever your landscape or exterior construction needs, the designers of Agassiz Landscape Group are eager to listen to you. We want to expand your outdoor living space to suit your needs!

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