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Seasonal Irrigation Services

Because we live in Flagstaff and receive an average of 100" of snow each winter and many below-freezing nights, all irrigation systems need to be turned off and blown out in the Fall season. Agassiz Landscape Group will professionally "winterize" your system so that it will not freeze and break, saving your important landscaping investment.


We can also re-charge your system in the Spring and check through/replace any sprinkler heads or emitters which may have broken off due to the snow. We know who can water when (the City of Flagstaff has watering restrictions) and can set your controller properly so that you are compliant (but still have happy and healthy plants).


We know you're busy! Agassiz Landscape Group offers an "auto/repeat" option for customers who do not want to remember when to call and request these seasonal irrigation services. We'll watch the weather and pay attention to the temperatures and forecasts for you. When the time is right, we'll come through, neighborhood by neighborhood, and turn on or off irrigation systems -- so you don't have to worry about anything. Call us today to get on "the list."

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