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Choosing the right company for your paver job

Concrete pavers are a great addition to many residential or commercial landscapes whether they are used for driveways, paths, or patios. They create a rigid surface to drive and/or walk on, are easier and safer to maintain during the winter, and look more appealing than a poured concrete option. Also, where plots of concrete will crack or split over time, pavers are designed to settle with the gradual movement of the land, and a single paver can easily be replaced if need be. When considering different landscape companies to install your paver job, there are many important considerations to factor in other than cost.

Typically, in any one area (such as Flagstaff), different landscape companies will/can use the same product. So why not just automatically choose the cheapest bid?

Ask about installation methods

While the same product might be used by each company who bids to complete your project, the method to install them can vary. Some will just excavate to accommodate the height of the paver, others might add a compacted base course, but not sand. At Agassiz Landscape Group, we are a certified ICPI ( installer meaning that every job we complete is done so at the highest of standards through:

-Initial excavation of 9"

-Compaction of soil subgrade to a minimum of 98%

-Adding a compacted aggregate base to a minium thickness of 4" (this can vary slightly based on individual ground temperature, moisture level, soil type, and force exerted on the pavers)

-Adding exactly 1" of bedding sand below pavers

-Installing edge constraints to provide lateral resistance to loads and to maintain interlocking continuity

-Joint width to be consistent throughout between 1/16 and 3/16 in.

Ask about warranty

Even after ensuring that all the right steps are taken to properly install pavers, we are still human, and the environment we live in can sometimes be unpredictable. If any unplanned movement (settling, detachment, etc.) occurs, we will fix it at no extra charge for up to two years.

Ask to see samples of work (ideally from different years)

One of the best ways to see if a company is going to live up to your expectations is to see samples of their past work. Many different samples of our work can be seen under the Portfolio tab on our website. We are also happy to provide a list of local references that can tell you firsthand the quality of work that we do.

Ask about the difference in paver types

Finally, understanding the different types of pavers available to you can help inform your decision. The type of paver can help determine the style, function, environmental factors, and budget you want to achieve from your landscape project.

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