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Residential Snow Removal for Second-home Owners

Owning a second home in Flagstaff, AZ can be a little challenging in the winter. On one hand, you may want to come up and ski or play in the snow. However, there's usually a lot of icy, compacted snow on your driveway and walkways to deal with first. No one wants to spend their entire weekend digging through that!

Agassiz Landscape Group has a special service plan just for you!

We'll keep your driveway and walkways clear of snow after each and every storm, December through March. We service your home post-storm (since we're busy taking care of commercial accounts with year-round residents who need to get to school and work during the storm), but before the snow settles and re-freezes. If you're in the City limits, your sidewalks will be cleared and you won't receive any "nasty-grams" from the officials or your HOA. Your home will look "lived in" which is as great as a security system in keeping away thieves And, you can come up and use your home and enjoy winter-time in Flagstaff anytime you want!

Please give us a call for a quote. Your low monthly price stays constant, regardless of how much snow we receive.

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