Have you made plans to winterize your irrigation system yet?

It's about that time! It is critical in Flagstaff to drain your irrigation pipes before the ground freezes in order to eliminate the worry of a busted pipe or a backflow preventer.

At Agassiz Landscape Group, we have two service options that we provide to customers. Option 1 is to get put onto our annual service list, in which we take care of monitoring the weather to determine when it is time to do blowouts. When it's time to turn off your system, you do not need you to call us; we will simply send you a reminder that we are coming to your area and then do the blowouts neighborhood by neighborhood.

For a slightly higher fee, we can come out and blow out your irrigation system on an individual basis if you would prefer to not be put onto an automatic schedule.

Call us at (929) 525-0300 to set this up today!

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